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My name is Dexter André Tofteland, and I am a professional game developer, currently employed at Firesprite as a junior programmer. I have a bachelor's degree in Game Technology and Simulation, and a degree for a one-year course in Augmented and Virtual Reality. Currently living in Liverpool, UK. 

I am primarily experienced with C# in Unity, and with C++ in Unreal Engine 4 and Qt. I have also worked with Rust, JavaScript, OpenGL, GLSL, HTML, and CSS. See the Background section for a self-assessment of my skills. 

Skill-wise, I aim to learn new game mechanics, graphics solutions, and genres. My favorite programming tasks tend to revolve around 3rd-person action gameplay, and I love working with 3D mathematics, which is one of my most prominent skills. I value consistency, uniqueness, and gameplay depth in games. Many Nintendo games tend to satisfy those criteria for me in my experience. 

My favorite games are: Ico, Bloodborne, Sekiro, Paper Mario 2, Õkami, Super Mario Odyssey, Pikmin, Snake Pass, Wind Waker, Overwatch, Frostpunk, Hollow Knight, The Banner Saga, Rain World, and Little Nightmares. 

I enjoy learning new things in my free time. New programming languages, mathematics concepts, algorithms, and game projects. I love attending game jams! 

(My previous names have been "André Tofteland" and "Dexter André Osiander". Please remember that when looking through my works, as the older files still credit those names.)

Work Qualities

Currently doing...


These are various games and projects I've made during my studies, and throughout my career so far. Some of them are professional projects, others are school assignments, and the rest are personal projects through group projects, game jams, and solo projects. 

I have listed my main tasks on the following projects. Click the images for more information on them. Not all projects are available for download, but most of them should be. If not listed by default, you can request specific code / file samples by email. All items are sorted by date (descending) within their categories. 

Note I: some content may only be available in Norwegian. 
Note II: some content may not be safe for work. 

Here are some written works I have done for school. 

I have whited out most of the other members' names in case they prefer privacy, but I can give their names upon request (with permission from them, of course).

Game Design

Here are some game design works I have done during my 3-year bachelor's degree. I have participated actively in the game design for my other projects, but the items listed here are my quantifiable works. 

GDD: GalápaSec

[Group Assignment]

  • Game design document for mobile gamification concept "GalápaSec"

1-Page Pitch: Swarm

[Solo Assignment]

  • 1-page pitch practice for game "Swarm"

GDD: Bad Reception


  • Game design document for scrapped student group project "Bad Reception"

GDD: Deadly Dancer

[Group Assignment]

  • Game design document for group assignment "Deadly Dancer"

Analysis: Dark Souls

[Solo Assignment]

  • Game design analysis on player engagement in Dark Souls

School Reports

Here are some school reports I have contributed to during my 3-year bachelor's degree. 

Report: Nordavind

[Bachelor Thesis]

  • Contributions: "Introduction", "Game Description", "Project Management", "Programming Patterns and Architecture", "Avatar Mechanics", "Shaders", "Conclusion"

Preprod. Report: Nordavind

[Group Assignment]

  • Contributions: "Idea Development", "Roles and Responsibilities", "Milestones", "Project Breakdown", "Scrum"

Report: GalápaSec

[Group Assignment]

  • Group report for gamification concept "GalápaSec"
  • Contributions: "Demographics", "Illegal Fishing", "Other Ideas", "Game Design", "Gamification"

Report: Swarm

[Solo Assignment]

  • Report for twin-stick shooter "Swarm"

Report: Project RTS

[Group Assignment]

  • Group report for real-time strategy game "Project RTS"
  • Contributions: "Camera"

Report: Hear I Am

[Group Assignment]

  • Group report for original board game design "Hear I Am"
  • Contributions: "Spillet tar form", "Regelhefte"

STELLA Simulations

Here are some simulations I have done using STELLA. The links point to the respective reports, and not the actual files. You can request the simulation files by email. 

Report: National Park

[Group Project]

  • Report for re-introduction of leopards into a national park, and the ecology following this situation

Report: Phone Company

[Group Assignment]

  • Report for a phone company's taxation of disposal of phones

Report: Chinese Population

[Solo Assignment]

  • Report for sustaining pension for incoming senior population

CV / Resume

You can download my CV here

Skills & Tools

Following is a set of various programming languages, software, and hardware that I am familiar with. My strongest ones are C#, C++, Unity, and Unreal Engine 4, but I have worked enough with the others mentioned to be able to pick them up quickly. 

Type Skills
Game Engines Unity, Unreal Engine 4
Programming Languages C#, C++, JavaScript, Rust
Graphics Languages OpenGL, WebGL, GLSL, ShaderLab
Programming IDEs Visual Studio, VS Code, Qt
Project Tools GitHub, Perforce, SourceTree,
Slack, Discord, 
Trello, Jira, HacknPlan, MkDocs, 
Google Docs, Microsoft Word, 
Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, 
Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint
Content Creation Software Affinity Designer, Adobe Photoshop, Inkscape, 
Blender, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3DS Max, 
FL Studio
Web / UI Languages HTML5, CSS
Misc. Software GeoGebra, STELLA

Experience Timeline

Date Experience
Oct 2020 — Ongoing Junior Programmer at Firesprite
Nov 2020 Gameplay Programmer at Misc Games
Jul 2019 — Sep 2020 Gameplay Programmer at Misc Games
Feb 2020 Attended Global Game Jam 2020; created "Jesus Is My Canvas" (intro song by David Wise)
Nov 2019 Held a presentation about introductory game development at Sølvberget Library, Stavanger
Oct 2019 Attended Mix and Game Jam 2019; created "World Minigolf"
Aug 2019 Held a three-day VR programming course for kids age 13-15 in Unity with HTC Vive for Making View
Feb 2017 — Jun 2019 Worked as mentor in mathematics at Klatreveggen Leksehjelp
Jun 2019 Held a one-week programming course for kids age 10-12 in Unity
Jan 2019 — Jun 2019 Six months of professional practice. 
Worked on "Gaming Against Depression" and "Førstemann på skadested".
Part of course "Professional Practice". 
Aug 2018 — Jun 2019 One-year add-on programme in "Augmented and Virtual Reality" at Inland University of Applied Sciences
Jan 2019 Volunteered and attended Global Game Jam 2019; created "Let's Renovate: Doggy Style!"
Nov 2018 Attended local game jam; created "Go Ham!"
Oct 2018 Attended two-day motion capture course (again)
Aug 2015 — Jun 2018 Bachelor's degree in "Game Technology and Simulation" at Inland University of Applied Sciences
Jun 2018 Attended two-day motion capture course
Jan 2016 — Jun 2018 Worked as teaching assistant in mathematics at Inland University of Applied Sciences
Apr 2018 Held a playtest for game "Nordavind" at TestBonanza #16
Mar 2018 Held a playtest for game "Nordavind" at Inland University of Applied Sciences
Jan 2018 Volunteered and attended Global Game Jam 2018; created "Trance Mission" and "Butt Simulator"
Dec 2017 Delivered game concept "Nordavind" as part of Preproduction for pilot course
Aug 2017 — Oct 2017 Designed and lectured a nine-week mathematics preparatory course for Inland University of Applied Sciences
Feb 2017 — Jun 2017 Created three assignments for course Game- and Systems Thinking for Inland University of Applied Sciences
Aug 2015 — Jun 2017 Project leader and programmer at student game development group "Loony Bean"
Jun 2017 Delivered game concept "GalápaSec" as part of Gamification course
Feb 2017 Held a playtest for game "Project Biohazard" as TestBonanza #12
Feb 2017 Volunteered and attended Global Game Jam 2017; created "Bumpit" (worked with Nikki Rapp)
Dec 2016 Delivered game "Swarm" as part of System Design course
Oct 2016 Delivered game "Project RTS" as part of System Design course
Sep 2016 Attended game jam at Oslo Public Library (Deichman); created "Chicken Hunt"
Sep 2016 Held a playtest for game "Bad Reception" at TestBonanza #11
Jun 2016 Delivered game "Deadly Dancer" as part of Programming II course
Apr 2016 (One day) QA-tested game "Shadow Puppeteer" for Sarepta Studio (Wii U version)
Feb 2016 Volunteered and attended Global Game Jam 2016; created "Stuffy Hitman" and "Maya Ragequit Simulator" (music only)
Nov 2015 Held a playtest for game "Bad Reception" at TestBonanza #9

Education Summary

Add-On Programme in Augmented and Virtual Reality

Full course plan available here

Bachelor's Degree in Game Technology and Simulation

Full course plan available here

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